Newport Public Library Story Time

Follow the Rainbow!

Each Story Time session at Newport Public Library is three months of weekly programs with our Children’s Librarian, Mrs. Johnson.

For registration, contact Mrs. Johnson at 717-567-6860 or

Follow the Rainbow! is the theme for Newport Public Library’s spring 2021 session.  Stories, songs, crafts and activities designed for 3 – 6 year olds about colors and numbers.

We want to keep you all safe from COVID-19, so we will post virtual story time to a private facebook group for everyone to use on their own. You must have a facebook account to participate in this program.

In case you missed the Spring 2020 storytime adventures, here they are!

April 2, 2020: The Letter M:

For the letter ‘M’ we were going to read stories about mommies, monsters and money. Can you think of other words that start with the letter ‘M’? I am sitting here and singing to myself “The MORE we get together, together, together; the MORE we get together the happier we’ll be. For your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends, the MORE we get together the happier we’ll be.” This has a new meaning, doesn’t it?

Practice saying the sound of this letter…maybe while looking at a cookie, or your lunch, or that apple that I am going to eat today….”Mmmmmmmmmmmm”. Practice writing the letter by printing out the picture attached to this post, or tracing it with your finger on the screen of the computer. Trace it in the sand if you have a sandbox. Write it in shaving cream if you do not.

To extend the learning experience, create and decorate your own money…we would have read Max and Ruby in “Bunny Money”. After you have your wallet filled, set up your own store with empty or unopened boxes and cans and invite others to shop at your store.

I MISS you all and want you to stay safe. Please wash your hands, cough into your elbows and I’ll see you all soon.


April 7, 2020: The Letter N

Today we will look at the letter ‘N’. Stories that we would have read today include names, numbers, nests and night. What other words can you think of that begin with the letter ‘N’? If you can find three sticks or toothpicks or pencils you can make your own letter ‘N’. While looking at the picture of the letter below, see if you can arrange these items into the same shape as the letter…it is like a puzzle!

The most important ‘N’ word is name…..YOUR name.If you have a set of letters at home, see if you can pick out the ones that belong to you, that are in your name. The set of letters might be magnetic and stick to the fridge in the kitchen. Or be part of a game like Scrabble. If you don’t have either of these at home, ask a friend to help by cutting up a paper and writing the alphabet on the pieces and then you can pick out your letters. Index cards are good stand-ins and lend themselves to re-use.

Finally, use a dollop of shaving cream and spread this out. Then use your finger to write your name in the shaving cream. It is always easy to correct any mistakes you make by wiping it clean and beginning again. This can even be done outdoors but then the house won’t smell as nice…!

Again, I hope that you are all well and busy. My puppy thinks this is wonderful to have me home to play with him. What are you doing to stay busy? Feel free to tell us in the comments below. Remember, cover your cough or sneeze, and wash your hands!

April 9, 2020: The Letter O:

The next letter we will talk about is the letter ‘O’. This letter has a shape that is easy to identify and make. What shape does this letter look like? Can you make that shape with your mouth? Make it small….then try to make it BIG! Good job! This letter is easy to make with a piece of cooked spaghetti or the piece of yarn that closes a bag of cookies if they come from Butcher’s. We were going to use all of Miss LadyLuna’s donated yarn pieces to make our letter today.

The stories that I had planned for today included owls, opossums and oceans. I can think of a color that begins with the letter ‘O’ and it is also a kind of fruit. Can you guess what I am thinking of?

We were also going to make an ocean in a bag by taking a resealable snack-sized bag and putting a good sized squirt of blue gel toothpaste into the bag. If you have small shells, pebbles or toys to add to the bag you can do that; they are easy to wash off when you are done playing with the bag.

I still am wondering what you are doing to stay busy at home….I have cleaned a bit, washed windows and will play in my garden next. What are you doing? Please let us know what you are doing to stay busy by answering in the comments below!

I STILL miss you. Remember to cover your cough and sneeze with your elbow, wash your hands and maybe I will see you soon.

April 14, 2020: The Letter P:

Today we will think about the letter ‘P’. My puppy, Duke, is waiting patiently and politely for me to finish typing because he wants to do something that starts with the letter ‘P’. Can you guess what he wants to do? Oh my…there are so many choices! But I bet that you guessed it….he wants to PLAY! Our stories for today have lots of words including play. There is also Papa, pirates, picnics, peppers, peepers, piggies, paper, polka dots, princess, pickles and MY favorite color….PURPLE! See how many more words you can add to this list. Trace the letter with your finger on the letter ‘P’ below then try writing it for yourself in shaving cream or your sandbox.

I’ll bet that I do not have to give you many ideas how to spend your day with the letter ‘P’. Turn your lunch into a picnic! Find a piece of paper and decorate it and then use it as a place mat for your dinner. You would be as polite as my puppy if you can create a place mat for everyone in your family! Ask to use a bandana to wear on your head and practice talking like a pirate while you search for plunder. If you have a brown paper lunch bag at home, you can quickly turn that into a puppet; put on a puppet show for everyone in your house. So many things to do!

Remember that I love you and miss you. When we are able to get back together, things might be quite different for a while. Please keep up to date with what we are doing by checking in on Facebook and our website, Newport Public Library tab. You will also find these posts on the StoryTime page of our website.

Cover your coughs and sneezes, wash your hands and PLAY!!

April 14, 2020: The Letter Q:

Stories From A-Z Part 2; Talking About the Alphabet

Today we will be talking about the letter ‘Q’. One of the words that I thought of that begins with a ‘q’ is the word quiz. I would like you to take my quiz…..what other words can you think of that start with this letter? If you are having a hard time thinking of some, that is okay since there are not that many words that do. If we think too hard, we might be frustrated and confused…be in a quandary…over this question in the quiz, but we will not be quitters. I had to pull out my dictionary and review some new words. Maybe you found some of those words in what I have written so far…? You have the whole weekend to undertake this quest.

Queen is one that came to my mind immediately. Queens not only dress up nicely, but they do important work such as signing their names on important papers. Long ago they used a quill….a feather’s shaft…as a writing tool. Find your favorite writing tool (marker, pencil, crayon) and then find a feather. Attach it to your tool and you can pretend that this is a quill. Now practice writing your name. Turkey feathers are great for using as a quill; I hope that you can give it a try.

Let’s think about animals for a minute. I bet most of you have a quadruped in your house. “Quadruped” means something with four legs. Count the legs of those living at your house and see how many quadrupeds you can find. There are three in my house that I know of….I believe that I heard another one in the walls of my bedroom last night!

I can think of an animal that makes a sound that begins with the letter ‘Q’…it swims on the pond or creek, might have little babies freshly hatched from eggs….have you guessed who I am thinking of? A duck! You are right!! And it says…QUACK! The babies queue up in a line and follow their mother or father around and say QUACK! Uh-oh…the ducklings are hungry…can you say QUACK quickly and loudly so mother knows you are hungry, too? Now it is time to nap so the ducklings must say it verrrry quietly. Can you do that? No, no, no….more quietly than that….good job!

Last word we will talk about is the word quilt. Quilts are blankets that sometimes tell a story. You can make a quilt on paper! Use pieces of wrapping paper, pieces or pictures from a newspaper or magazine (with permission!!). Cut these into squares or patterns and glue them to a piece of construction paper or cardboard…like the inside part of a cereal box. This will not keep you warm at night, but it can be practice for when you are big enough to sew your own quilt.

Remember that I miss you very much! Hopefully we will see each other again very soon. Until then cover your coughs and sneezes, wash your hands and do not be a quitter!

April 21, 2020: The Letter R:

Today we will talk about the letter ‘R’. Our stories would have included a Rattletrap Car, a bully in the book Mean Jean the Recess Queen, The Rain Came Down and the story of Chester the raccoon’s first day at school called The Kissing Hand. Did you find any words that begin with the letter ‘R’ in the part that I have written so far? Can you think of other words that start with the same sound?

I know a color that starts with the letter ‘R’….it is the color of ripe strawberries and fresh tomatoes, hearts on a Valentine’s Day card and the color of your boo-boo when you fall on the sidewalk before you get it bandaged up. Have you guessed that color? Yes!! It is red!!

Right now I am humming to myself and the song is “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream….” Can you finish the song? Today would also be a great day to do a Rainy Pokey! “You put your left boot in, you put your left boot out, you put your left boot in and you shake it all about….” You can add verses for the right boot; you put your raincoat on, you take your raincoat off…; you take your umbrella, you put your umbrella back… What other verses can you add to this song? Have someone help you and write the verses in the comments below so we can all dance together!

This afternoon promises us some rain, but with the rain sometimes we see a rainbow! As the rain is finishing up run outside and look for a rainbow. If you cannot find one you can always draw one for yourself.

The word robot starts with our letter of the day. Can you pretend that you are a robot and move the way that a robot would move OR talk the way a robot would talk. Do you have a robot in your house? My son has one that does the vacuuming for them. If you were going to invent a robot, what would you have it do for you?

Uh-oh….I hear the rain beginning. Remember that I love you and miss you, Take that picture of a rainbow and hang that in your room as a promise that better days are coming. I hope to see you soon. Please check Facebook or our webpage at to be up to date with changes to our opening and procedures once we do.

Until then….cover your coughs and sneezes and wash the rinse your hands!

April 23, 2020: The Letter S:

Stories From A-Z Part 2; Talking About the Alphabet

Do you know what today’s letter might be? Let’s see….we have done M, N, O, P, Q, R…what did you say? ‘S’!! correct!! Books that we would have read for this letter include My Daddy Snores, Whose Shoes?, Sheep in a Jeep or a Shop, Secret Birthday Message, Three Pebbles and a Song and Swirl by Swirl.

Do you know what a swirl is? It is like a circle that never closes and just keeps going round and round inside of itself. Have you ever eaten a swirl? Sometimes you can find swirl cake, swirl ice cream, and swirl cookies. My favorite swirl is cinnamon buns! You can swirl too! If you stand in a wide open area and turn around and around in the same direction, you are making a swirl with your body. It works best if you are wearing your cape so that can billow in the breeze created by your turning around!

Another word that begins with ‘S’ is the word song. If you know me at all, I love to sing and there seems to be a song for everything…like the alphabet! I hope that you have been practicing your A B C song as you do these activities. The song that I am singing right now is “Skidamarink”; do you remember that one? “Skidamarinky dinky dink, Skidamarinky doo, I LOVE YOU; Skidamarinky dinky dink, Skidamarinky doo, I LOVE YOU! I love you in the morning and in the afternoon, I love you in the evening and underneath the moon…Skidamarinky dinky dink, Skidamarinky doo, I LOVE YOU!” Can you come up with motions that I have not used when we sing that song together? A swirl would be nice to do…!?!

Since I have been at home I have been keeping an extra careful eye out for some visitors that come every year. Spiders and stinkbugs and snakes that show up in my house and basement. I usually do not see the snakes but they occasionally leave behind their old skins for me to collect in a jar. I have a couple of jars that I would bring in to show you, but I WOULD NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF THE JAR. Mrs. Johnson does not make friends with snakes. PERIOD. The letter ‘S’ is shaped a lot like a snake…slithery and smooth. Carefully use your finger to trace the letter ‘S’ below this post. Then try to make one all by yourself with a stick in the dirt or a sandbox.

For craft we would have used stamp pads or pans of paint and done some stamping. If you grab a clothespin and turn a lid with a high lip upside down so the flat side is facing down, you can stamp circles after the bottom is dipped in paint. Use the clothespin as a handle by pinching it open and grabbing the side with it. If you are lucky enough to have letter stamps, you could write your name with them.

We might have a few more hours of sunshine left. I hope that you can put on your shoes and go outside and swirl until you are dizzy!! And sing a song…like Skidamarink and remember that I love you. Sssshhhh….that is our secret…..Please check Facebook and our webpage,, for notification of what comes next after April 30. We are abiding by the recommendations of the Office of Commonwealth Libraries. Hopefully it will not be too long before I can see you again.

April 28, 2020: The Letter T:

Let’s see…we have done M, N, O, P, Q, R, S….the next letter is….’T’!! Stories that we would have read today include Little Blue Truck, How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food (tyrannosaurus), A Tree For Me and Dragon Was Terrible.
I bet that you can guess what I am doing as I sit here typing….HUMMING! The first song that was popping into my head was the A B C song….did you sing that one yet today? Then since we are talking about the letter ‘T’ I started whistling the song “I’m a Little Teapot”….do you know that one? There are motions that you can do with that song, too! Another one that you can sing to the tune of the “Wheels On the Bus” is the “Wheels on the Truck”. What parts of a truck can you identify and add verses for? I guess that depends on what kind of truck you are singing about….Dump truck? Front end loader? Delivery truck? Fire truck?There are other ways we can go places or get our work done that begin with the letter ‘T’. Trains can take you across the country. Tractors can plow up that field and help to plant the seeds. What kind of a sound do trains make when they are rumbling along the tracks? Some would say “Clickety clack, clickety clack”. Can you make the sound that they make to warn people at the crossings that they are coming? WOOOOOOOOOOOO!If you are going to be outside you can find another word that begins with the letter ‘T’….tree! A tree can give us shade when their leaves are out and then they can protect us from the rain and wind, too. As you tramp around outside and you carefully watch the ground, you might be lucky enough to find some tracks left by an animal! What animals live near you whose tracks you might find? As I walk my puppy I have found deer tracks that cross the road….it looks like they have had a dance party in my neighborhood and I did not even get an invitation! When the ground is muddy is a good time to look for tracks.Below I have included pictures of the letter ‘T’. Touch the screen very lightly and trace the letter with your finger. Remember to try to make this letter on your own with crayons and paper, or sidewalk chalk and either the walk or the driveway.Remember that your teacher (that’s me) loves you very much and cannot wait to see you again. I might not be able to hug you yet, but we can bump elbows or tap feet like they do in Italy since this sickness has come. Watch our website,, for news that tells everyone when we can get together again. Take care friends!

April 30, 2020: The Letters U and V:

Today we are going to talk about two letters that come right after the letter ‘T’….we talked about that letter on Tuesday. Today we are talking about the letters ‘U’ and the letter ‘V’. Today’s stories would have included Aliens Love Underpants, A Creepy Pair of Underwear or Vegetables in Underwear (I could not make up my mind), Rub-A-Dub Sub (underwater), and Ugly Pie. For the letter ‘V’ I had chosen I Want to be a Vet, and the Day That Jake Vacuumed.

Today’s weather gives us a great opportunity to talk about a word that starts with the letter ‘U’…..look outside and tell me something that begins with the letter ‘U’ that you would most definitely need. Can you guess what I am thinking of? UMBRELLA! I will have to put my umbrella UP to go to the mailbox and I will need to stay UNDER it as I to take my puppy for his walk. I do hope that you have an umbrella to USE if you have to go outside.

Another word that I can think of is the word UNICORN. Do you know what a unicorn looks like? I think it is best described as a horse with one horn coming out of it’s head between its ears. We will hear more about unicorns this summer when you get your summer reading packet. Have you ever seen a unicorn? We have a few books, both fiction and nonfiction, in the library.

Do you have a bicycle at home? Bi = two. Can you guess what a UNICYCLE looks like? Uni = one. So a bicycle has two of these and a UNICYCLE has one of these. Can you figure out what a bicycle has two of and a unicycle has one of? You are so smart! I meant wheels! I have never tried to ride a unicycle; you need to have really good balance to use a unicycle.

The letter ‘V’ starts some of my most favorite words. Can you make the sound of the letter ‘V’? Like a car when it goes really fast….VVVVVVroom! You know that purple is my favorite color, but did you know that VIOLET is a shade of purple? It is also a flower. I happen to have a violet right next to my front door.

In February I was able to take a VACATION and VISIT my daughter and her family in Italy. I was VERY blessed to be able to have a VACATION. Since the sickness is everywhere, we might not be able to VISIT the fun places that we usually do in the summer. If you were going on a VACATION would you choose the mountains or the beach?

Yesterday when I cleaned the house I used a tool that begins with the letter ‘V’. Can you guess what that is? After I dusted, I VACUUMED so I could get all of the puppy hair up off of the floor.

For craft today we were going to make a picture of a VASE by taking two strips of paper and gluing them to another larger paper so that the strips made the letter ‘V’. Then it was to be your job to fill the VASE with what belongs inside a VASE. Can you tell me what that would be? Right again!! Flowers!

Another favorite word that starts with the letter ‘V’ is VALENTINE. What is the shape that everyone thinks of when they hear that word? Circle? Square? No….a heart! Sing Skidamarink out loud today and remember this: you are my valentine and I love you VERY much. Stay safe and stay dry today.

May 5, 2020: The Letter W:

WHAT letter do you think that we are going to talk about today? Did you sing the A B C song yet? A, B, C, D, E, F, G…..H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P. Q, R, S, T, U, V…WHAT comes next? ‘W’!! Actually it looks like a ‘double V’, doesn’t it? Books that WE WOULD have read today include Wolf Watch, I Went Walking Today, The Wild Woods and The Diary of a Worm. Can you find the letter ‘W’ in those titles that I just typed?

The letter ‘W’ makes a sound much like the WIND. Can you make the sound of the wind? We have had some warm and breezy days over the weekend, but yesterday was full of pushy, cold WIND.

I can think of a color that starts with our letter, can you? What color did you pick that starts with the sound of the WIND? It is the color of snow, or puffy clouds in the sky or the fluffy head of a dandelion flower gone to seed……WHITE! WHAT else can you think of that is WHITE? WHAT!! Did I hear you say underwear?!? *giggle, giggle* yes….even underwear can be white.

Today we would be singing the song “The WHEELS on the Bus”. Don’t forget verses for the wipers going, doors going, lights flashing, driver saying, babies crying and mommies saying. I bet that you can think of more verses to add to that song. My grandson sang that song with his mom and they sent me a video of that all the way from Maryland!

One thing that I have been doing a lot of WHILE WE cannot play together is WALKING in the WOODS with my puppy. WE like to listen to the different sounds that come from lots of things that have WINGS. Can you name things that have WINGS? WE have seen green beetles that crawl on the ground. WHEN they fly their WINGS go “WWWHHHHHIIIRRR”! Different birds started singing their songs this past WEEKEND….orioles are in my yard looking for the perfect place to build a nest; hummingbirds have been drinking sugar water that I have made for them; thrush have been singing their beautiful melodies but do not like to show themselves. What else can you think of that has WINGS?

This past WEEKEND WE WERE WEEDING and I found a bunch of WIGGLY WORMS in the dirt. I found a nice damp spot to place them and covered them up so they could go back to WORK.

Since you are at home you can play with another thing that starts with ‘W’….WATER! You can fill a bucket and find a bunch of toys and rocks and sticks and place them in the WATER to see if they “sink or float”. I like to play that game. WHEN you take those things out to dry, you can ask for a paint brush and use the WATER to paint the sidewalk or the driveway. You can paint the letter ‘W’!!!

Next time that I post something for you will be on Thursday and WE WILL talk about two letters again. WE are still not sure WHEN WE WILL be opening our doors for our friends like you. But remember that I love you and I WANT you to be safe. Remember to use your finger and gently trace the letter ‘W’ below these WORDS and then try to make it all by yourself. See you soon.

May 7, 2020: The Letters X and Y:

Today we are going to talk about two letters, the letter ‘X’ and the letter ‘Y’. But first we need to sing the A B C song…..go ahead….I’ll wait. Are you done? Great! And you did a fantastic job!! Books that we would have read include EXtra YARN, From Head to Toe by Eric Carle (EXercise), Put That Fat Cat on a Diet (EXercise), Yertle the Turtle, and I Love My Pirate Papa So (You will find out why if you cannot figure it out).

The letter ‘X’ is a hard one since not many words that you and I use begin with an ‘X’. You might have one thing around the house….from your long ago itty bitty days. Maybe there is a pull toy that you could bring along behind you when you were first learning to walk. It probably had different color metal strips on the frame with wheels attached so you could pull it. Attached to the front was a stick with a ball on the end. If you used the stick to strike the colored strips, you could make music. This toy is called a XYLOPHONE.When big kids start taking music lessons on instruments, they do not choose the XYLOPHONE. They usually choose the piano, and then get recruited into the percussion section (where the players bang! crash! boom! on all kinds of things) to keep the beat for the musicians. Do you think that you would like one of these jobs?

Another word that I can think of is X-RAY. Have you ever had an X-RAY taken of some part of your body? I have one of my foot. I fell off of the road surface onto the low ground and broke the outer bone in my foot. If we were together I would show you the picture of the bones in my foot.

For the letter ‘X’ I cheat a little and use the prefix (part of the word that comes first) ‘EX’. And my favorite ‘EX’ word is EXERCISE. We would do some EXercises together to songs like Walking, Walking (tune Are You Sleeping). “Walking, walking, Walking, walking, Hop, hop, hop, Hop hop, hop! Running, running, running, Running, running, running, Now we stop. Now we stop.” Or to the song “Skidamarink”.

Can you tell me who says “X marks the spot!!” That is right! A pirate.Why does he say that…..what does the ‘X’ mark? I’ll give you a hint…if he/she does not have a map, it might not be remembered. That’s right! the treasure! You can take a paper grocery bag and cut off the bottom and open up the side then lay it flat. Get out your crayons or markers and create a map of where you would hide a treasure. Inside? Outside? In a tree? Under the ground? Then….go pretend to be a pirate! It is a beautiful day to sail the seven seas!! YOU can set up YOUR ship in the YARD!

If YOU are going on an adventure with YOUR pirate friends, YOU will need to make sure that the galley (kitchen) is stocked with snacks.Grapes, apple slices, carrots, YOGURT, crackers, cheese, pretzels, celery….which of those things do you think are YUMMY? Which are YUCKY to YOU? As YOU decide where YOUR pirate ship will be YOU will probably need a YARDSTICK to measure a good length to mark off “the plank”. When pirates disobey their Captain,they must “Walk the plank, matey” and splash into the ocean. I am sure that while the pirate is walking the plank, he/she will be YELLING and YAMMERING about why they should not be punished. But YOU do not do that, do YOU? Make today a YES day so that no one needs to walk the plank.

Well YOUNGSTERS, I have a YELLOW lab that needs to be walked before he makes me walk the plank. Enjoy your time outside today…I do not know if the weather is going to be nice enough to play this weekend. Remember that I love you and cannot wait to see you again so that we can play together. Maybe after I EXercise by walking the puppy, I will take a nap…..YAWN!

May 12, 2020: The Letter Z:

ZOINKS! (that is Shaggy and Scooby-Doo speak for Oh no!)…do you know what letter we are talking about today? The letter ‘Z’!! Let’s sing the A B C song together…ready? Go!…….”Now we’ve sung our A B C’s, next time won’t you sing with me?” Good job my friends. How many letters come after today’s letter, ‘Z’? ZERO! ZILCH!! there are no more letters. We have learned the whole alphabet; boy am I proud of your hard work! Can you use your finger and draw a ZERO in the air? That’s it….start at the top and go all the way around until you are back where you started. Great job!

Stories that we would have read today include My Daddy Snores (ZZZzzzzzz), Wild About Books (zoo), The ZOO at Night, Sick Day for Amos McGee (a zookeeper). We certainly would have sung a Snoring Pokey. “You put your tired arm in, you take your tired arm out, you put your tired arm in and you shake it all about. You do the snoring pokey ZZZZZZ and you turn yourself around (like you are sleep walking), That’s what it’s all about!” What other verses could you add to that song?

Another fun thing to draw is a pattern called a ZIG-ZAG. Can you name anything other than a ‘Z’ that looks like a ZIG-ZAG? A lightning bolt! Ooooo… that is a good one! Use your finger and draw that in the air. If you are allowed, you can use the shaving cream and practice your letter ‘Z’ and then make a ZIG-ZAG. I love to watch storms and listen for the thunder and watch for the lightning as it ZAPS it’s way through the air. Hopefully this pushy cold wind will make way for warmer breezes and we will be able to see some ZIG-ZAG patterns in the sky.

Today we are getting our flower gardens ready. I have to wear my sweatshirt and then ZIPPER my coat over that so that I stay warm when I am not in the sun. I have some petunias to plant along with some daisies. I like ZINNIA flowers, too. We are also going to make a new garden for us called a raised bed garden. We would like to use this for some vegetables. Can you think of a vegetable that begins with the letter ‘Z’ that we could put in this garden? ZUCCHINI! I love steamed ZUCCHINI with olive oil, onions, garlic and basil.

If you are looking for an activity to keep you busy today, you can use your stuffed animals and set up your very own ZOO right in your house! The animals can be caged or fenced into their pens. You can charge admission for people to come in and see your ZOO. If you have popcorn at home, you can even serve your visitors some popcorn in paper cups that they can snack on as they view your ZOO.

This is the last post I will make for the StoryTime unit. I wish I could tell you what the future looks like, but I have no idea. I am guessing that programs where we all gather together will not happen, but maybe we will be able to give you an opportunity to pick up your Summer Reading Challenge packets. The packet is written; the prize books have been bought and Miss Stacey has agreed to let us hand out passes to the Fun Farm in the fall. I just need permission to come into the library to print it and then we can start registering people for that part of the program. Like I said, I have absolutely no idea. So I will wait patiently until I can see you again my friend. Can you help my heart to feel happy and sing “Skidamarink” with me? Stay safe, cover your sneezes and coughs and wash your hands. Remember that I love you

Story Time is a great way for children to interact with other children. They build social skills while listening to stories, singing songs and making crafts that they can take home with them. The activities in our Story Time sessions build confidence in children, and of course, it’s incredible fun!

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To get in the mood for story time. Here’s a fun rhyming activity to try …

Ten Little Fingers

I have ten little fingers
And they all belong to me.
I can make them do things, would you like to see?
 I can shut them up tight;
I can open them wide;
I can put them together;
And I can make them all hide.
 I can put them up high;
I can put them down low;
I can fold them together,
And hold them just so.

It’s great to set aside time to read to your child. It’s best to make sure it’s at a time when your child is not full of energy — like bedtime! Catch a moment when you both feel like reading, and create cherished moments of story time adventure!!!

Use your library card number to access Book Flix* and True Flix!
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*BookFLIX: Watch videos and read books about animals, celebrations, nature, music, earth, family, community, and more. Some films and books are available in Spanish, too!
**TrueFLIX: Learn about people, places, nature, history, and science from videos and eBooks on topics such as American Indians, Ancient Civilizations, Farm to Table, the Civil War, Continents, the Thirteen Colonies, U.S. Government, Disasters, Earth Science, Experiments, Extreme Science, Nature, and many more.

Here are some links that might be of interest, just click on the icon to visit each site:,Where children have fun learning to read!A free public service to teach children to read with phonics. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, home-school, and English language development.

The Reading Tub is a volunteer-run non-profit for family reading and literacy.


U.S. Department of Education Reading Resources.

The mission of R.I.F. is to motivate young children to read by working with them,their parents, and community members to make reading a fun and beneficial part of everyday life. RIF’s highest priority is reaching under-served children from birth to age 8.


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Reading Rockets is a national multimedia literacy initiative offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help.