Newport Public Library Story Time

Stories from A to Z- Part 2! (Letters M-Z)

Each Story Time session at Newport Public Library is twelve weekly programs with our Children’s Librarian, Mrs. Johnson.

Stories from A to Z- Part 2! is the theme for Newport Public Library’s spring 2020 session.  Stories, songs, crafts and activities designed for 3 – 6 year olds.

Since the library must be closed to help stop the spread of the virus COVID-19, we will post virtual story time information here for everyone to use on their own.

April 2, 2020: The Letter M:

For the letter ‘M’ we were going to read stories about mommies, monsters and money. Can you think of other words that start with the letter ‘M’? I am sitting here and singing to myself “The MORE we get together, together, together; the MORE we get together the happier we’ll be. For your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends, the MORE we get together the happier we’ll be.” This has a new meaning, doesn’t it?

Practice saying the sound of this letter…maybe while looking at a cookie, or your lunch, or that apple that I am going to eat today….”Mmmmmmmmmmmm”. Practice writing the letter by printing out the picture attached to this post, or tracing it with your finger on the screen of the computer. Trace it in the sand if you have a sandbox. Write it in shaving cream if you do not.

To extend the learning experience, create and decorate your own money…we would have read Max and Ruby in “Bunny Money”. After you have your wallet filled, set up your own store with empty or unopened boxes and cans and invite others to shop at your store.

I MISS you all and want you to stay safe. Please wash your hands, cough into your elbows and I’ll see you all soon.


April 7, 2020: The Letter N

Today we will look at the letter ‘N’. Stories that we would have read today include names, numbers, nests and night. What other words can you think of that begin with the letter ‘N’? If you can find three sticks or toothpicks or pencils you can make your own letter ‘N’. While looking at the picture of the letter below, see if you can arrange these items into the same shape as the letter…it is like a puzzle!

The most important ‘N’ word is name…..YOUR name.If you have a set of letters at home, see if you can pick out the ones that belong to you, that are in your name. The set of letters might be magnetic and stick to the fridge in the kitchen. Or be part of a game like Scrabble. If you don’t have either of these at home, ask a friend to help by cutting up a paper and writing the alphabet on the pieces and then you can pick out your letters. Index cards are good stand-ins and lend themselves to re-use.

Finally, use a dollop of shaving cream and spread this out. Then use your finger to write your name in the shaving cream. It is always easy to correct any mistakes you make by wiping it clean and beginning again. This can even be done outdoors but then the house won’t smell as nice…!

Again, I hope that you are all well and busy. My puppy thinks this is wonderful to have me home to play with him. What are you doing to stay busy? Feel free to tell us in the comments below. Remember, cover your cough or sneeze, and wash your hands!

April 9, 2020: The Letter O:

The next letter we will talk about is the letter ‘O’. This letter has a shape that is easy to identify and make. What shape does this letter look like? Can you make that shape with your mouth? Make it small….then try to make it BIG! Good job! This letter is easy to make with a piece of cooked spaghetti or the piece of yarn that closes a bag of cookies if they come from Butcher’s. We were going to use all of Miss LadyLuna’s donated yarn pieces to make our letter today.

The stories that I had planned for today included owls, opossums and oceans. I can think of a color that begins with the letter ‘O’ and it is also a kind of fruit. Can you guess what I am thinking of?

We were also going to make an ocean in a bag by taking a resealable snack-sized bag and putting a good sized squirt of blue gel toothpaste into the bag. If you have small shells, pebbles or toys to add to the bag you can do that; they are easy to wash off when you are done playing with the bag.

I still am wondering what you are doing to stay busy at home….I have cleaned a bit, washed windows and will play in my garden next. What are you doing? Please let us know what you are doing to stay busy by answering in the comments below!

I STILL miss you. Remember to cover your cough and sneeze with your elbow, wash your hands and maybe I will see you soon.


Story Time is a great way for children to interact with other children. They build social skills while listening to stories, singing songs and making crafts that they can take home with them. The activities in our Story Time sessions build confidence in children, and of course, it’s incredible fun!

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To get in the mood for story time. Here’s a fun rhyming activity to try …

Ten Little Fingers

I have ten little fingers
And they all belong to me.
I can make them do things, would you like to see?
 I can shut them up tight;
I can open them wide;
I can put them together;
And I can make them all hide.
 I can put them up high;
I can put them down low;
I can fold them together,
And hold them just so.

It’s great to set aside time to read to your child. It’s best to make sure it’s at a time when your child is not full of energy — like bedtime! Catch a moment when you both feel like reading, and create cherished moments of story time adventure!!!

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Here are some links that might be of interest, just click on the icon to visit each site:,Where children have fun learning to read!A free public service to teach children to read with phonics. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, home-school, and English language development.

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