ebooks and audiobooks

Do you love books?   Do you have a computer?  Did you get an ebook reader?  Would you like to try ebooks on your tablet or mobile smartphone device?

Start downloading here:

You’ll need a valid library card to borrow items. There are also other minimum requirements for software and additional accounts you’ll need depending on if you want to download audiobooks or ebooks.   You can also download special software applications to get easy access on some mobile devices.

Advice: Start at the “My Help” on the left hand side of the Capital Area Digital Media site if you just got a new device.   There are many steps in the process, so don’t let yourself get frustrated when learning a new technology.  Just read each direction and follow each step carefully.  Start downloading today!

Top Reasons Why People Like Downloading ebooks and audios from Capital Area Digital Media:

  • Getting books online is easier than driving to the library to pick up an item and again to return it.   It saves fuel.
  • No chance of late fines.  (Items expire, but you don’t have to return them.)
  • It’s fun to read!
  • The daily commute is so much better with an audiobook.  Sometimes I listen to a great business title to get motivated and other times it’s a mystery to distract me from the stress of traffic.
  • My kids will read–and they like it more when it’s on their computer or phone.  (But always, the other data center is a book.)
  • The sense of accomplishment to learn how to do something new with your electronic gadget.  (It takes a lot of steps, but it’s worth it.)
  • Reading, books, and literature are life.  Why not do it digital?
  • They aren’t heavy.  (A few GB of books means variety and hundreds of titles anytime, anyplace, anywhere in nice little gadget often weighing less than a pound.)
  • No more paper cuts.
  • No chance of losing or scratching one CD in a set.  Eaudios are files you download in parts.
  • Having ebooks on y0ur smart phone means you can read while you wait in lines or to pick up the kids from school.
  • There’s nothing better than sharing items through a public library.  Use libraries for all your literacy needs.