NPL Summer Reading

Newport Public Library
2021 Summer Reading Program for Everone!

For Kids age 3 through 12 and their families

We would love to wave our magic wand and make this entire pandemic go away, but that is not possible. We are, however, offering a summer reading program for 2021 that will stretch your family’s imagination, while keeping your family safe.

You must register for the Summer Reading Challenge to be eligible for a prize. Registration is open June 1. To register, visit the library, email or call the library at 717-567-6860.

Pick up your activity packets at the library. You may come in, or we will bring them to you curbside.

Science has proven the benefit of a friendship/relationship with animals: from watching eagles on the nest raising their young, to touring Elk County in September and October to hear the males bugle, to  a puppy laying on my feet at this very moment. We benefit in so many ways, such as lowering our anxiety and blood pressure to increased exercise as we take care of our animal friends. If you have a pet at home then you have lots of opportunities to create your own story- some of them humorous, some of them sad, and some where your “tail” was just being bad. As you complete the activities in this packet you will meet some familiar old friends (not soon to be parted) and be introduced to new ones! Blobfish, you say?! or pangolin?! or penguin?! Which would you choose? Might I suggest Dr. Seuss’ book What Pet Should I Get? to get you started.

Complete your choice of activities at your leisure during the summer.

You may need to print the following:

Library Scavenger Hunt

Mad Libs

Forest animal finger puppets

Anime Character Expressions

Kawaii Character Expressions

Cutting Practice

Tardigrade Silhouette

When you have accumulated the required number of points for your age on the required number of pages, bring your packet to the library between June 22 and August  21, and receive your prize. You must pick up your prize at Newport Public Library. Please check the library website for any changes in procedure.

The Prize for a completed packet is a brand new book, compliments of the Perry Valley Grange, and a free pass to Butcher’s Family Fun Farm. We extend our thanks to the Perry Valley Grange, Butcher’s Farm Market, and to the Friends of Newport Public Library for sponsoring our Summer Reading Challenge for many years.

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Teen and Adult Summer Reading Challenge!

If you are a teen or an adult, for every age appropriate book you read (Yes, audio books count as reading), you will receive one chance for a prize in our drawing. You must register to be eligible for a prize. To register, beginning June 1, visit the library, email,  OR call the library at 717-567-6860.

Each time you read (an age appropriate) book, fill out one of our slips with the title, author, and your contact information. That allows us to notify you when you win a prize. Pick up the slips at the library OR ask us to bring them out to your car at curbside.

When you deliver your slips to Newport Public Library you will see the prize barrels in the foyer window. Write on the back of each slip which prize you would like to try for. Place the slips in the appropriate prize barrel by August 21 to be eligible for a prize in our drawing.

2021 prizes include:

* Both Petting Zoo and Safari Tour

Prizes will be drawn on Monday, August 23. You must pick up your prize at Newport Public Library.

Thank you for participating in our 2021 Summer Reading Challenge. We hope you have a happy, safe, and healthy summer, with a lot of reading and imagination. See you at the library!